The Terms for Your Success - Ascendant Marketing Group

February 22, 2019
When it comes to becoming financially sound, there can be so many confusing terms that can then make it difficult to select the right services for your success. This difficulty then feeds into the service providers that want to help people but are having difficulty marketing and finding leads for potentials clients. Ascendant Marketing Group not only understands these terms, but also knows how to translate them for potential customers. They have focused much of their business on financial services specifics and therefore, Ascendant Marketing Group has positioned themselves to be a significant asset to any financial services provider looking to find success.

Ascendant Marketing Group Makes Debt Service Companies More Efficient

August 15, 2018
Those debt consolidation companies for whom the specialists at Ascendant Marketing Group provide leads and other resources do everything they can to qualify each one and make their clients more efficient and profitable. They know their stuff; they can show people all sorts of ways to find financial resources that allow them the freedom to consolidate all their debts into one loan, often at a far lower interest rate than otherwise.

For example, they qualify each potential customer by making sure they all know their refinancing options going in. For instance, over the past year, the average homeowner gained more than $15,000 in home equity over the past year, so why not use that equity, along with the other equity they’ve earned over time to make other high-interest bills go away? Since interest rates on mortgages are far lower than credit card interest rates and even most auto loan interest rates, Ascendant Marketing Group knows they can consolidate their credit card bills into a loan at a low mortgage rate and save a lot of money every month.